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T&J139 started this conversation
I am a single mother of an amazing 9 year old with cystic fibrosis and autism and a beautiful 13 year old daughter. I am a full time hairdresser. My son has a chronic illness , cystic fibrosis and has been to Children's hospital and numerous specialists lately.He has three surgeries in January for his sinuses, bronchioscope, and endoscopy. His weeks have been full of tests, new meds,and staying awake at school.My daughter has taken a backseat at times growing up as a special needs sister. She's amazing and deserves more than I can give this year. My time at work has been greatly cut taking care of my son. I'm scraping for bills and rent. What I really hope to reach out for is help to give them some things to open. I should've reached out earlier as we are so close to Christmas, but I had been trying to make it happen alone and do far,I can't buy gifts, only bills and meds. So with pride aside and a thankful heart,I thank you kindly for any help offered.
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